Waterproof Tripod Leg Covers (3) to protect legs from Water & Sand 11cm x 122cm

Waterproof Tripod Leg Covers (3) to protect legs from Water & Sand 11cm x 122cm

Protect your Tripod (or Monopod) legs from water and sand damage and keep your Tripod working like new.

These new heavy duty plastic leg covers provide full protection for the legs of your tripod from Water (especially Salt Water) and Sand- which ruins the mechanisms of tripod legs.

With Tripod Covers's set of tripod leg protectors you get a complete solution designed to be easy to carry, weigh very little and store easily in your camera case or backpack, yet still be quick to unfold, roll out, slip onto your tripod legs and run out to get that shot no matter what the conditions are!

Weighing in at less than 120g and folding up to a mere 8 cm x 11cm x 4cm package, it's a solution you can take with you where ever you go and use whenever you need it.

They are made of a very strong 6 mil, 11cm wide, clear polutubing, impulse sealed on one end making it water and air tight, includes Velcro ties run through cutouts at the top of each protector all bundled together with a rubber band.

They can be unrolled and installed onto any tripod in under 30 seconds and are wide enough to accommodate a majority of tripod legs on the market today.

We custom cut them to the length you specify so they are sure to be a good fit for your tripod. These are just too convenient and useful NOT to have in your bag!

The 11 x 122cm size is ideal to fit most Tripods, including Manfrotto 055 and 190 Series with Clip legs.

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