Camera ReChargeable Batteries

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Canon Battery Charger LC-E12 for e12 Battery Pack CAN-BC-LC-E12

The Canon Battery Charger LC-E12 for Battery Pack LP-E12 charges the Battery Pack LP-E12, which powe..

€69.00 Ex Tax: €56.10

Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip for EOS 5D Mark III, 5DS, & 5DS R

The Canon BG-E11 Battery Grip is an optional battery grip with improved ergonomics designed specific..

€345.00 Ex Tax: €280.49

Canon BP-828 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (2670mAh) CAN-BAT-BP-828

The Canon BP-828 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack works with the VIXIA HF G30 and G10, XA20, and the XA25 ca..

€145.00 Ex Tax: €117.89

Canon LP-E4N Battery Pack

The LP-E4N Battery Pack from Canon is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is compatible with Sel..

€169.00 Ex Tax: €137.40

Canon LP-E8 Battery Pack for EOS 550D, 600D, 650D and 700D CAN-LP-E8

The Canon LP-E8 is a rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack which is compatible with Canon EOS 550D, ..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

DigiPower Re-Fuel 12Hr Action GoPro3/3+

Digipower Re-Fuel Action ProPack 5200mAh Battery for GoPro Hero 3 & Hero 3+ The Re-Fuel Action ..

€75.01 Ex Tax: €60.98

GoPro Battery BacPac (2x recording time) GP3002

 The Battery BacPac works as both a charger for your spare HD HERO & HD HERO2 batteries and..

€59.02 Ex Tax: €47.98

GoPro Car (Auto) Charger GP3018

Charge your HD HERO camera(s) while on the go in a car: Dual USB port quickly charges up to tw..

€32.00 Ex Tax: €26.02

GoPro Hero3 & Hero3+ Replacement Battery GP3055

Use this 1050 mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery as a spare or replacement for your HERO3 camera. ..

€24.00 Ex Tax: €19.51

GoPro Portable Power Pack GP-AZPBC-002

With enough power to recharge a HERO camera up to four times, the GoPro Portable Power Pack lets you..

€54.00 Ex Tax: €43.90

GoPro SuperCharger

Charge two USB devices at once nearly anywhere in the world with the GoPro Supercharger. Featuring d..

€64.94 Ex Tax: €52.80

GoPro Wall Charger GP3017

Charge up to two GoPro cameras, 2X as fast, in any wall socket in the world. Charge GoPro batt..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Hahnel Battery for Canon 100D HN-HL-E12

HL-E12 for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 850mah, 7.2V, 5.8Wh Replacement for Canon LP-E12Product Hi..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel BP-511 Battery for Canon D10-60

Hähnel HL-511 for Canon Digital Cameras and Camcorders Capacity 1500mAh, 7.4V, 11.1Wh Lithium Io..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel El15 Li-Ion Battery for Nikon

HL-EL15 for Nikon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1650mah, 7V, 11.6Wh Replacementfor EN-EL15.Product Highli..

€49.00 Ex Tax: €39.84

Hahnel EN-EL-19 Battery for Nikon HN-HLEL19

HL-EL19 for Nikon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 700mAh, 3.7V, 2.6Wh Replacement for EN-EL19Product Highli..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

Hahnel EN-EL3e Nikon battery

HL-EL3e for Nikon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1650mah, 7.4V, 12.2Wh Replacement for EN-EL3eProduct High..

€39.50 Ex Tax: €32.11

Hahnel GoPro Hero 3 & 3+ Replacement Battery HN-HL-GP301

HL-GP302/GP301 for GoPro Action Cam CAPACITY 1260mAh, 3.7V, 4.7Wh Replacement for AHDBT-301/302Produ..

€24.50 Ex Tax: €19.92

Hahnel GoPro Type Li-ion Battery for Hero4 HN-GP401

HL-GP401 for GoPro Action Cam CAPACITY 1160mAh, 3.8V, 4.4Wh Replacement for AHDBT-401Product Highlig..

€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.25

Hahnel HL-13L (NB-13L) for Canon Digital cameras

HL-13L for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1060mAh, 3.6V, 3.8Wh Replacement for Canon NB-13LProduct h..

€55.01 Ex Tax: €44.72

Hahnel HL-4LHP Battery for Canon

HL-4LHP for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 760mAh, 3.7V, 2.8Wh Replacement for Canon NB-4L.Product H..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel HL-50B battery for Olympus HN-HL-50B

HL-50B for Olympus Digital Cameras Capacity 850mAh, 3.7V, 3.1Wh Replacement for Olympus Li-50B.Produ..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel HL-E6 Rechargeable Battery for Canon

HL-E6 for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1650mAh, 7.2V, 11.9Wh Replacement for Canon LP-E6Product Hi..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel HL-E8 Battery for Canon

Hahnel HL-E8 battery for Canon Digital Cameras Capacity 1120mAh, 7.2V, 8.1Wh Lithium Ion Replacem..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel HL-EL12 Nikon Battery HN-HL-EL12

HL-EL12 for Nikon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 980mAh, 3.7V, 3.6Wh Replacement for Nikon EN-EL12Product ..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel HL-EL23 Battery for Nikon HN-HL-EL23

HL-EL19 for Nikon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 700mAh, 3.7V, 2.6Wh Replacement for EN-EL19Product Highli..

€30.00 Ex Tax: €24.39

Hahnel HL-EL5 Battery for Nikon 3.7v HN-HL-EL5

HL-EL5 for Nikon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1100mah, 3.7V, 4.6Wh Replacement for EN-EL5Product Highlig..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel HL-PLG10 Battery for Panasonic HN-HL-PLG10

HL-PLG10 for Panasonic Digital Cameras CAPACITY 820mAh, 7.2V, 5.9Wh Replacement for DMW-BLG10EProduc..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel HL-X1 Sony Battery HN-HL-X1

HL-x1 for Sony Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1170mAh, 3.6V, 4.2Wh Replacement for NP-BX1.Product Highligh..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel HL-XW50 for Sony Digital Cameras

HL-XW50 for Sony Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1000mAh,7.2V, 7.2Wh Replacement for Sony NP-FW50Product hi..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel NB-10L Canon Battery HN-HL-10L

HL-10L for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 860mAh, 7.4V, 6.4Wh Replacement for Canon NB-10LProduct Hi..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel NB-11L Battery for Canon HN-HL-11L

HL-11L for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 630mAh, 3.6V, 2.3Wh Replacement for Canon NB-11LProduct Hi..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel NB-6LHP Battery for Canon HN-HL-6LHP

HL-6LHP for Canon Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1110mAh, 3.7V, 4.1Wh Replacement for Canon NB-6LProduct H..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel NP-F45 FujiFilm Battery HN-HL-F45

HL-F45 for Fujifilm Digital Cameras CAPACITY 720mAh, 3.7V, 2.7Wh Replacement for NP-45.Product Highl..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel NP-F550 Sony Battery HL-XL581

HL-XL581 for Sony Digital Cameras CAPACITY 2500mAh,7.2V, 18Wh Replacement for Sony NP-F530 / F550 / ..

€44.99 Ex Tax: €36.58

Hahnel NP-W126 Fuji Battery HN-HL-F126

HL-F126 for Fujifilm Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1070mAh, 7.2V, 7.7Wh Replacement for NP-W126.Product H..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel Olympus Battery HN-HL-90B/92B

HL-90B/92B for Olympus Digital Cameras CAPACITY 1200mAh, 3.6V, 4.3Wh Replacement for Olympus Li-90B/..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Hahnel PowerStation Twin V Pro Charger for Video HN-TVPCV

The hahnel PowerStation Twin V Pro is a high-end fast charger for Lithium-ion camcorder batteries. S..

€70.00 Ex Tax: €56.91

Hahnel ProCube Battery Charger (Choose)

ProCube DSLR Charger for Canon & NikonProfessional Twin Charger For DSLR CamerasFeatures-Charges..

€79.00 Ex Tax: €64.23

Hahnel Rechargeable Li-ion Sony Battery (NP-F960) HN-HL-XL982

HL-XL982 for Sony Camcorders CAPACITY 6900mah, 7.2V, 49.7Wh Replacement for NP-F930/F950/F970Product..

€109.00 Ex Tax: €88.62

Hahnel Trio Charger Kit with Hero 4 Batteries

Product Highlights-Kit includes HL-GP401 battery-Charges GoPro Hero 4 & Hero 3 batteries simulta..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

Hahnel Ultima Plus Li-Ion Charger (Choose)

Features-Charges practically all Li-Ion digital camera batteries-Built-in USB socket to charge smart..

€39.00 - €40.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

Hahnel Unipal Extra Charger & Power Bank

• Universal charger with built-In Power Bank • Charges practically all 3.6V / 3.7V & 7.2V / 7..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €32.48

Hahnel Unipal Mini Universal Battery Charger

Features-Charges Li-Ion 36V 37V 72V & 74V batteries-Fine adjustment wheels to easily adjust the ..

€29.00 Ex Tax: €23.58

NanGuang Battery Magazine for Luxpad 22-43 NAN-NGBM1

This battery magazine is designed for the Luxpad 22 and 43 NanGuang series light heads and other mod..

€12.00 Ex Tax: €9.76

Nikon EN-EL4a Battery for D2x, D3x, D3s

Intelligent, high-power Li-ion rechargeable battery with on-board microcontroller for advanced power..

€149.00 Ex Tax: €121.14

StarTech USB 2.0 A to Mini-B 5pin 91cm Cable Lead

This USB 2.0 cable provides a high-quality replacement for the cable that came with your Mini USB mo..

€10.00 Ex Tax: €8.13

Tether Tools Boost A/c Power Adaptor

The TetherBoost™ Power Adapter (U.K. Version) is an optional wall power accessory that can be used w..

€12.95 Ex Tax: €10.53

Tether Tools USB to DC 1M Cable (to power TetherBoost USB 3.0 Core Controller from USB Source)

The TetherBoost™ USB to D/C Power Cable is a 3' (1m) cable ideal for use with TetherBoost™ Core Cont..

€11.96 Ex Tax: €9.72

Canon LP-E6N 1865mAh Battery - for Canon 7D, 60D, 5D Mark III, & Mark II Digital SLR

Genuine Canon LP-E6N 1865mAh Battery - for Canon 7D, 60D, 5D Mark III, & Mark II Digit..

€89.00 Ex Tax: €72.36