Cokin System Filters

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Cokin P138 Grad FLW

 The un-natural lighting of florescent never made anyone look good. · It shows up in your phot..

€26.56 Ex Tax: €21.59

Cokin P139 Grad FLD

Gradual filter which helps to remove the greenish tones of shooting under fluorescent lighting. Very..

€26.56 Ex Tax: €21.59

Cokin A to P Adaptor P249

The A to P adaptor lets you use "A" Series filters with a "P" holder. It is therefore not necessary ..

€20.23 Ex Tax: €16.45

Cokin A-Series Blue (Choose)

Only a few years ago, photographers and videographers were asking for special effect filters. Today,..

€16.43 Ex Tax: €13.36

Cokin B041 A Filter Holder

Cokin- The original square filter system. Only few years ago, photographers and videographers were ..

€10.11 Ex Tax: €8.22

Cokin Blue Filter (Choose)

Create night in broad daylight For evening work, use atmospheric lighting without worrying about ..

€18.97 Ex Tax: €15.42

Cokin Colour Correcting Gels 24 x 30cm COK12100B

The Cokin Colour Correction Gels contain a series of 12 gels that is used to correct color differenc..

€25.41 Ex Tax: €20.66

Cokin P Series (White) P140

Large oval white spot with graduated edges. Great for portraits and weddings ..

€22.77 Ex Tax: €18.51

Cokin P Series Net Filter 1 (Choose)

Soft effect filter, which creates a soft milky effect . Great for Portraits ..

€20.23 Ex Tax: €16.45

Cokin P Series P007 Infrared Filter

The Cokin Infrared filter is for both Film and Digital cameras. With a film cameras the Cokin Infare..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €40.65

Cokin P Series P153 Neutral Grey ND4

Without altering colours, the Cokin P153 NDX4 Neutral Density Filter corresponds to a loss of light ..

€20.23 Ex Tax: €16.45

Cokin P Series P403 Hasselblad B70 Ring

Adapts the series P filter holder to Hasselblad lenses with the B-70 Filter Mount. Now the entire Co..

€37.95 Ex Tax: €30.85

Cokin P-Series Adaptor Ring (Choose)

This Cokin Adapter Ring is specifically designed to attach Cokin's "P" series filter holder to lense..

€13.91 - €15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00

Cokin P-Series Filter (Choose)

Commonly used for a noticeable increase in contrast with black and white films. Especially useful fo..

€18.97 Ex Tax: €15.42

Cokin P-Series Gradual Blue (Choose)

By enhancing the blue of the sky, the Cokin filters underline the colours of landscapes. When used u..

€26.56 - €28.09 Ex Tax: €21.59

Cokin P-Series Gradual Neutral Grey Filter (Choose)

These Gradual Neutral Grey filters reduce the total amount of light reaching the film without affect..

€26.56 - €33.00 Ex Tax: €21.59

Cokin P-Series P152 Neutral Density Grey ND2X Filter

Cokin P152 Neutral Gray ND2 - 2x/1-Stop Neutral Density Filter - Often it is necessary or desirable ..

€20.23 Ex Tax: €16.45

Cokin P-Series P164 Circular Polarizer Filter

Particularly designed for cameras with a polarising half mirror (split beam metering) and Digital ca..

€101.22 Ex Tax: €82.29

Cokin P-Series P401 Hasselblad B50 Adapter Ring (P483)

This Cokin B50 Adapter Ring is especially produced to attach Cokin's "P" series filter holder to Has..

€19.00 Ex Tax: €15.45

Cokin P030 Orange (85B)

Cokin orange filters lend the colors autumn to forests and greenery. · Set your landscapes afire ev..

€18.97 Ex Tax: €15.42

Cokin P056 Star Effect (8 Point) Resin Filter

Star filters create multiple points of light, or "stars," streaking outward from a central light sou..

€29.10 Ex Tax: €23.66

Cokin P061 C. Spot Incolor 2

The P061 Incolour 2 filter keeps the central subject sharp, and diffuses the surrounding area. The c..

€22.77 Ex Tax: €18.51

Cokin P062 C. Spot Grey 1

Small Hole Filters are recommended for use with both standard lenses to tele lenses. Sharpness of th..

€22.77 Ex Tax: €18.51

Cokin P121S Gradual Neutral Grey G2 Soft (ND8)

The Cokin P1215 filter has a progressive graduation from the middle to the top of the filter, with t..

€33.00 Ex Tax: €26.83

Cokin P151 Fog 2 Effect Resin Filter

These filters are available in two different densities (Cokin #s 150 & 151) and have a misty gra..

€25.30 Ex Tax: €20.57


The Cokin Centre Spot - Soft Spot is a diffusing spot filter with bubbles splitting light sources in..

€26.56 Ex Tax: €21.59

Cokin P232 Skylight 1B

Reduces the excessive blue cast which occurs in outdoor photography. Especially useful for portrait ..

€18.97 Ex Tax: €15.42

Cokin P252 Filter Lens Cap P Series

Fits onto the filter holder P. A filter-holder cap is particularly useful for all those who wish to ..

€6.31 Ex Tax: €5.13

Cokin P346 Double Exposeure

This special effect filter allows you to expose each half of one piece of film separately. One half ..

€15.18 Ex Tax: €12.34

Cokin P660 Gradual Fluo Yellow

Brings explosive colours to your pictures. You can obtain a wide creative variety of colours by supe..

€27.82 Ex Tax: €22.62

Cokin P830 Diffuser light

Diffuses strong light without affecting the clarity of the image up to about 135 mm focal length and..

€24.03 Ex Tax: €19.54

Cokin Warm Filter (Choose)

  · Between the hours of 10AM & 2PM the intense light of the sun gives your beach & ..

€18.97 Ex Tax: €15.42

Cokin Wide-Angle Slim

This extra slim Holder helps to eliminate vignetting down to 20mm focal length. It Can hold 1 filter..

€16.41 Ex Tax: €13.34

Cokin X-PRO Series 170x130mm x820 FLW diffuser

With a 170mm x 130mm filter size, the Cokin X-PRO series has been created to offer the professional ..

€70.66 Ex Tax: €57.45

Cokin Z-PRO Grad Filter Kit U961

Cokin Z-PRO Grad Filter Kit - Often it is necessary or desirable to balance the light intensity in o..

€221.40 Ex Tax: €180.00

Cokin Z-Pro Series Filter Holder Adapter Ring (62mm)

This 62mm Z-Pro Series Filter Holder Adapter ring from Cokin attaches onto the lens and adapts your ..

€54.12 Ex Tax: €44.00

Cokin Z-Pro U960 Pro Graduated Neutral Density Filter Kit

Often it is necessary or desirable to balance the light intensity in one part of a scene with anothe..

€269.00 Ex Tax: €218.70

Cokin Z121L Graduated Neutral Grey G2-Light ND2 0.3 Filter

Grey Neutral Density filters compensate for bright light. By under-exposing the sky, they give a bet..

€66.31 Ex Tax: €53.91

Cokin Z121S Gradual Grey G2 (ND8) Z-PRO Series Filter

Cokin Z-Pro 121S Graduated G2 Soft Gray Resin Filter - Often it is necessary or desirable to balance..

€66.31 Ex Tax: €53.91

Cokin Z123L Gradual Blue B-2 Light

The Cokin Z FiltersAimed at the professional and enthusiast photographer, the Z-PRO series total ove..

€56.68 Ex Tax: €46.08

LEE Anti-Static Cleaning Fluid 60ml

Filter Cleaning Solution A filter cleaning solution for use on resin and glass filters.  ..

€7.95 Ex Tax: €6.46


COKIN -P Series FULL ND KIT H270A  . This P-Series kit has a Holder and three ND filters (..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

Cokin ND Graduated filter kit H250A

Cokin ND Graduated filter kit H250A. Kit includes one Cokin "P" filter holder and three graduated ND..

€90.00 Ex Tax: €73.17