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Canon CP-E4 Compact Battery for Flashguns

Batteries in your Speedlite 600EX-RT, 580EX II, MT-24EX and MR-14EX flash units will usually pr..

€199.00 Ex Tax: €161.79


Custom Brackets CB Digital-S The smaller brother of the CB Digital-T, this bracket boasts the same ..

€93.00 Ex Tax: €75.61


CB Folding-T flash bracket Addition of a fold-up feature to the very popular CB Digital-T makes..

€99.00 Ex Tax: €80.49

Elinchrom Quadra Flash Cable 1m EL11005

A 1m straight extension cable for use with the Elinchrom Quadra heads. Multiple cables can be daisy ..

€0.00 Ex Tax: €0.00

Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Hybrid Pack, Lead-Gel Battery & Charger EL10266.1

Quadra Hybrid RX - Pack, Lead-Gel battery, Charger, Strap & Sync Lead. The new Quadra Hybrid ..

€649.00 Ex Tax: €527.64

Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Plus HS (Choose)

With the EL-Skyport Plus HS Transmitter for Canon, Elinchrom introduced a game-changing wireless sol..

€249.00 Ex Tax: €202.44

Hahnel Captur Timer kit for DSLR Cameras (Choose)

Capture long exposures & time-lapse photo sequences remotely and wirelessly, thanks to the hahne..

€85.01 Ex Tax: €69.11

Hahnel Modus 600RT Flashgun (Choose)

Hahnel Modus 600RT Flashgun for Canon, Nikon & Sony Includes: MODUS 600RT Flashgun, MD1 Extre..

€249.00 Ex Tax: €202.44

Hahnel Modus 600RT Pro Kit (Choose)

Hahnel Modus 600RT Pro Kit for Canon, Nikon & Sony Kit includes: 2x MODUS 600RT Flashguns &am..

€499.00 Ex Tax: €405.69

Hahnel Modus 600RT Wireless Kit (Choose)

Hahnel Modus 600RT Wireless Kit for Canon, Nikon & Sony Kit includes: MODUS 600RT Flashgun, V..

€299.00 Ex Tax: €243.09

Hahnel Speedlight Softbox 80 Kit HN-SS-80-KIT

Designed for off-camera use with hot shoe mounted flashguns the Hahnel Speedlite Softbox80 Kit conta..

€119.00 Ex Tax: €96.75

HAHNEL Studio Cable for Captur & Combi TF

Studio Light Cable to trigger Studio lights remotely. This cable connects the Capture or Combi TF Re..

€10.17 Ex Tax: €8.27

Hahnel TUFF TTL Studio Light Cable

The hahnel Tuff TTL Studio Light Cable allows you to attach a light to a Tuff TTL receiver for wirel..

€12.00 Ex Tax: €9.76

Hahnel Viper TTL Receiver (Choose)

Hahnel’s Viper TTL Receiver, coupled with the Viper Transmitter (not included) allows users to remot..

€69.00 Ex Tax: €56.10

Hahnel Viper TTL Wireless Flash Trigger (Choose)

Viper TTL for Canon: Wireless Flash TriggerControl up to three groups of flash guns, each group comp..

€155.00 Ex Tax: €126.02

Innovatronix Explorer Mini With Carry Case

Tronix Explorer Mini 230ac/50Hz Universal Socket Model Tronix Explorer Mini is the lightest batte..

€439.00 Ex Tax: €356.91

InnovaTronix SpeedFire (Mains power unit For Nikon Flash Guns)

The Tronix SpeedFire is an external power supply which connects directly to AC/wall socket, designed..

€149.00 Ex Tax: €121.14

Interfit Hot Shoe Adapter for Sony or Minolta to Standard Shoe STR114

This is an Interfit STR114 Sony/Minolta Hot Shoe Adapter. Many years ago, Minolta decided to redesig..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Interfit Replacement Flash Tube for Strobies Pro-Flash 180 STR234

Product Highlights-User Replaceable-5,600K-180W/sThis Interfit Replacement Flash Tube for Strobies P..

€52.51 Ex Tax: €42.69

Interfit Strobies Adjustable Flash Shoe Mount 1/4-20 STR128

The Interfit Strobies Adjustable Flash Shoe Mount 1/4-20 attaches via a 1/4" to the Strobies XS brac..

€10.00 Ex Tax: €8.13

Interfit Strobies FlashGun Bounce Set STR109

The Interfit STR109 Flash Gun Bounce Set consists of several devices used to gather or disperse the ..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

Jessops Hotshoe adaptor with PC terminal (No Lead)

Jessops Hot Shoe/PC Adapter, Converts cameras hotshoe into PC flash connection. ..

€12.95 Ex Tax: €10.53

Kaiser Flash Adaptor PC-PC

For cameras without hot flash contact and flash equipment with hot flash contact. With approx. 30 cm..

€18.01 Ex Tax: €14.64

Kood 50cm Flash Extension Lead (Male - Female)

Kood 50cm Straight Flash Extension Lead (Male PC - Female PC) A useful short extension lead to ta..

€8.00 Ex Tax: €6.50

Lastolite 1m iTTL Nikon coiled flash lead

This extension cord enables the photographer to position a battery operated flash guns from 1m to 10..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe Plate with Flash Mount

This collapsible Lastolite Ezybox Hot Shoe Mark II Bracket allows select off-camera flashes and acce..

€49.00 Ex Tax: €39.84

Lastolite Ezybox II Speedlight Bracket LAS2701

The Lastolite Ezybox II Speedlight Bracket works with the Ezybox II Square, Octa and Switch softboxe..

€49.00 Ex Tax: €39.84

Lastolite Ezybox Quad Kit with 90 cm Ezybox Softbox

Ezybox Quad The Ezybox Quad ultimate flashgun bracket. Whether you are looking for more power or ..

€232.79 Ex Tax: €189.26

Lastolite EzyBox Speed-Lite

Lastolite Ezybox Speed-Lite Softbox - 2420 Features • 8.6 x 8.6" (22 x 22 cm) • Softbox for ho..

€69.00 Ex Tax: €56.10

Lastolite Strobo Collapsible Snoot LAS 2619

The Collapsible snoot attached via it's strong magnetic connectors to either the Lastolite LAS2601 F..

€35.01 Ex Tax: €28.46

Lastolite Strobo Kit- Ezybox Hotshoe LAS2610

The Lastolite Strobo Kit is a compact and simple to use creative light modifying system for bat..

€135.00 Ex Tax: €109.76

Lastolite Strobo to Flash Bracket 2601

This universal adaptor will attach to most flash guns via a hook and loop tape locking feature. Once..

€35.01 Ex Tax: €28.46

Lastolite StroboGobo Set - Nature LS2613

Set of three Gobo nature masks for the Strobo Gobo system. The Strobo Gobo system allows you to crea..

€49.00 Ex Tax: €39.84

Lee Filters Inspiring Professionals Book LEEFIPB

LEE Inspiring Professionals book Whether you shoot film or digital, ‘Inspiring Professionals’ is ..

€18.45 Ex Tax: €15.00

LightPix Labs FlashQ Flash Trigger Kit (Trigger & 2x Receivers)

FlashQ is a 2.4GHz Wireless Flash Trigger. It is the smallest wireless flash trigger ever and the pe..

€75.01 Ex Tax: €60.98

LowePro S&F Quick Flex Pouch 75AW

Product Highlights-Fits Large Flash or Small Accessories-Spring-loaded Flap Design-Sloped Ergonomic ..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

Manfrotto Flexible Arm MN237

Flexible arm, diameter: 13mm, 55cm long with hexagon stud to fit Super Clamp 035 with 3/8" female th..

€30.00 Ex Tax: €24.39

Micnova 2 M TTL Cord for Canon MQ-E3

Micnova MQ-E3 TTL Cord for Canon The MQ-E3 TTL Cord for Canon from Micnova isa TTL Cord provides ..

€29.00 Ex Tax: €23.58

Micnova Cloth Soft Flash Diffuser with silvered internal reflector

Product Description Micnova Cloth / Soft Flash Diffuser will give your pictures a softer effect..

€11.99 Ex Tax: €9.75

Nikon AS-19 Speedlight Stand

This can support any make  hotshoe flash on it's own - or be mounted on a Tripod or Lighti..

€19.50 Ex Tax: €15.85

Phottix Coiled TTL lead for Canon - extends to over 1m

Product Description TTL Flash Remote Cord for Canon OC-E3 Convenient for using a flash light apa..

€35.58 Ex Tax: €28.93

Phottix Coiled TTL lead for Nikon - extends to over 1m

TTL Flash Remote Cord Convenient for using flash away from the camera. This ..

€35.58 Ex Tax: €28.93

Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon Twin pack PHOTTTTLTWIN

Purchase further receivers for the Phottix Odin™ TTL Trigger for Nikon system.Phottix Odin TTL Flash..

€389.00 Ex Tax: €316.26

Pixel King Pro Set Wireless I-TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon PIXELKINGPRO/NIK

Pixel King Pro wireless flash trigger is the 3rd generation of Pixel's TTL flash trigger. The design..

€195.00 Ex Tax: €158.54

Pixel Universal Flash Holder SF-18

Features-Flashgun mount-Suitable for Canon, SONY, Nikon, Olympus standard size hot flashes boots and..

€10.11 Ex Tax: €8.22

Pocket Wizard Nikon 10 pin Motor Drive Cord

The N90M-AC-ND D700 Pre-Trigger Cable connects your D700 and MultiMax unit, allowing you to toggle P..

€0.00 Ex Tax: €0.00

Pocket Wizard Plus III (One Transceiver)

Plus III 433.42 – 434.42 MHz - CE frequency FOR ALL PLUS III DETAILS, CHECK OUT THE MICROSITE:..

€189.00 Ex Tax: €153.66

Pocket Wizard Plus3 Twin Set (Two Transceivers)

  Plus III 433.42 – 434.42 MHz - CE frequency FOR ALL PLUS III DETAILS, CHECK OUT TH..

€359.00 Ex Tax: €291.87

Pocket Wizard ST4 Elinchrom RX Receiver

PowerST4 Receiver with ControlTL for Elinchrom RX   The PowerST4 Receiver enables remo..

€179.00 Ex Tax: €145.53

Pocket Wizard TT5 Replacement Hotshoe FOR CANON

Pocket Wizard TT5 Replacement Hotshoe    See how to change the shoe: http://www.jarodkn..

€45.01 Ex Tax: €36.59