RICO240 LED Daylight Balanced Dimmable Ringlight 48cm (19inch)

RICO240 LED Daylight Balanced Dimmable Ringlight 48cm (19inch)

The RICO240 LED Ringlight is a revolutionary Daylight-Balanced LED light designed for use by both photographers and videographers alike.  Whilst the RICO240 Ringlight can be used off camera axis like a softbox, it is designed to be used as a shoot-through light source. When your camera is positioned in the centre of the ring light, you get a unique soft, shadowless look and produces interesting ring-shaped catchlights in the eyes of your subject.

The RICO240 Ringlight features 240 Daylight balanced LED, which are dimmable down to approximately 10% of their full power. The RICO240 Ringlight comes with a diffusion filter and a CTO colour-correction filter, each made up of four segments. It also features a standard 5/8-inch mount, with a tilt-head, enabling you to mount it to and standard lightstand and tilt your light forwards and backwards. The RICO240 Ringlight is the perfect addition to the arsenal of Photographers or Videographers who are looking for a unique way to illuminate their subjects.

Key Features

  • Can be used to produce unique soft, shadowless lighting
  • Produces interesting ring-shaped catchlights in the eyes of your subjects
  • Daylight Balanced
  • CRI of 90%
  • Suitable for Stills and Video


  • RICO240 LED Ring Light
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Diffusion Filter x4
  • CTO Colour Correction Filter x4
  • Carry Bag

Please note: This ringlight requires a stand which must be purchased separately. We would recommend:


Model: RICO240 LED Ringlight

LED Quantity: 240

Max. Output: 55W

Colour Rendition Index: ≥90%

Colour Temperature: 5500K

Luminous Flux: 4800 lm

F-Stop: f/3.2 (1/80 Sec @ ISO 100 @ 1m)

Power Range: 100-10%

Power Input: 100-240V A/C, 2A, 50/60Hz

Average Lifespan: 20,000 Hours

External Diameter: 485mm (19")

Internal Diameter: 365mm

Mount: Standard 5/8 inch

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