SRB Photographic 58mm Neutral Density Fader Filter

SRB Photographic 58mm Neutral Density Fader Filter

The 58mm Neutral Density Fader Filter reduces the amount of light reaching the camera lens by a range of 2 Stop (ND4) to 8 Stop (ND400), meaning the camera can perform with a higher aperture to produce a result far closer to how it appears to the eye.


By Simply rotating the filter, while in place, the Neutral Density Fader can achieve a range of ND4 (2 Stop) to ND400 (8 Stop). The ND Fader Filter can achieve a blurring effect in images, which is popular with other ND Filters, by rotating the filter to a higher ND setting and using lower shutter speeds and wider apertures on the camera. This 58mm filter does not affect the colour balance or tone of an image in any way.


Neutral Density Fader Filters are not recommended for wide-angle lenses (24mm/35mm film equivalent) or lenses with focal lengths longer than 200mm due to a potential risk of the image quality becoming impaired. Please note that due to the ND Fader's large outer ring, using any accessories that encompass the filter (i.e stack cap and lens hood) will require the next size up in comparison with the original filter size (Example: a 77mm ND Fader would need an 82mm accessory).

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