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Elinchrom Replacement Diffusion Cover for 66cm Portalite Softbox EL26114

Elinchrom Replacement Diffusion Cover is designed for 66cm (26" Portalite) Softbox El26129..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

EL22900 Elinchrom Vacuum Grip Mount EL22900

The Vacuum Grip allows you to fix flash heads with accessories on glass surfaces. Very useful when t..

€46.20 Ex Tax: €37.56

Elinchorm Softbox 40X40cm Ranger Quadra softbox EL26151

Elinchrom Softbox 40X40cm exclusivly for the Ranger Quadra & ELB heads . Small, Ultra Portable, ..

€99.00 Ex Tax: €80.49


This is the NEW Longer head cap that will protect longer modelling lamps. Standard protective cap..

€13.75 Ex Tax: €11.18

Elinchrom Protective Head Cap EL26124

Standard protective cap for all Elinchrom Heads (except Ranger Quadra). Nb this is not a snoot - ..

€12.96 Ex Tax: €10.54

Elinchrom (short) 2 Metre 3.5mm Jack Sync lead EL11084

Elinchrom (short) 2 Metre 3.5mm Jack Sync lead EL11084 - suitable for all modern Elinchrom Flash hea..

€23.10 Ex Tax: €18.78

Elinchrom 10 Colour Filters 12x12cm EL26241

The 10 Colour Filters 12x12cm can be used for the Zoom Spot 18° - 36°..

€29.00 Ex Tax: €23.58

Elinchrom 105cm Blue Umbrella (Daylight) EL26380

Use this umbrella with tungsten lights to re-balance the light output to daylight colour temperature..

€66.00 Ex Tax: €53.66

Elinchrom 105cm Shallow Translucent Umbrella EL26349

Umbrella Shallow Translucent 105 cm.Umbrellas are renowned for their ease and speed of use, but not ..

€45.01 Ex Tax: €36.59

Elinchrom 10x8 Black Flag- use with Manfrotto MN375 Bulldog clips

Use this simple Black Perspex flag with a Manfrotto MN375 Double bulldog clip (Not Included) on an 1..

€7.54 Ex Tax: €6.13

Elinchrom 125cm Deep Translucent Umbrella EL26355

The 49" large Deep Translucent Umbrella from Elinchrom ensures a wide spread of light. The increased..

€105.01 Ex Tax: €85.37

Elinchrom 145cm Quadra Indirect Lightbank EL26156

This large (145cm x 145cm) Square Light bank provides a beautiful soft light due to the Indirect mou..

€895.00 Ex Tax: €727.64

Elinchrom 14cm Deflector set (4 Piece) EL26310

Deflector Set (silver, gold, translucent, frost) Elinchrom is the only system with the central um..

€31.89 Ex Tax: €25.93

Elinchrom 16cm 90 WIDE ANGLE REFLECTOR

This is the "Standard" reflector - used with umbrellas (sometimes known as a "Spill Kill"). It is al..

€22.00 Ex Tax: €17.89

Elinchrom 18cm 20 degree Honeycomb EL26101

Elinchrom 20° honeycomb grid for 18cm (7 inch) reflectors...

€57.99 Ex Tax: €47.15

Elinchrom 18cm Reflector & 3 Grids

Grid Set 18 Complete (EL26135)   Reflector 18 cm 60° 26144     30° Grid 2610..

€209.00 Ex Tax: €169.92

Elinchrom 18cm Reflector & 30deg grid

    This Set includes one Grid Reflector and one Grid 18 cm. The grid limits light s..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

Elinchrom 21cm Honeycomb Grid Set (Wide) EL26049

The Elinchrom EL 26049 21cm Round Honeycomb Basic Set includes a reflector which attaches to the fla..

€115.50 Ex Tax: €93.90

Elinchrom 24000 Speed Flashtube for BXRi and Ranger Quadra

Replacement Elinchrom 24000 Speed Flashtube for BXRi heads and Ranger Quadra "A" Heads ..

€85.01 Ex Tax: €69.11

Elinchrom 26051 21cm Grid Set (4)

  Grid Set 21 Complete - The ultimate way to control your light output.   Reflect..

€249.00 Ex Tax: €202.44

Elinchrom 26100 30deg 18cm Grid

Fits 18cm reflector EL26144 Check out the effects of different reflectors (modifiers) and Softbox..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Elinchrom 3 Stand set in bag

Stand / Umbrella Sets The EL stand/umbrella sets are dedicated to the Elinchrom flash sets and can..

€154.00 Ex Tax: €125.20

Elinchrom 3.5mm Jack 5M Sync Lead EL11088

Elinchrom 3.5mm Jack 5M Sync Lead EL11088 - Suitable for all modern Elinchrom flash heads and packs...

€33.51 Ex Tax: €27.24

Elinchrom 30162 2 Stand set & Bag

Tripod Set 2  EL30162 Three sections extend to a height of 235 cm. Ideal for use with all..

€110.00 Ex Tax: €89.43

Elinchrom 33 Inch Varistar Umbrella Set EL26386

The 33" Varistar Umbrella Set from Elinchrom is a versatile light shaper that performs like a softbo..

€77.00 Ex Tax: €62.60

Elinchrom 44cm White Softlite 80° Reflector 26168

White Softlite 80° 44 cm Beauty Dish Ideal reflector for soft and diffused light used in conjunctio..

€132.00 Ex Tax: €107.32

Elinchrom 5m Mains lead (with UK type three pin Square plug) EL11055G

Elinchrom 5m Mains lead (with UK type three pin Square plug) EL11055G . Nb Colour may be grey or bla..

€19.50 Ex Tax: €15.85

Elinchrom 5m power lead for D-Lite One

Elinchrom 5m Mains power lead for D-Lite One with Three pin square UK / Irish type plug ..

€15.01 Ex Tax: €12.20