Interfit Continuous Lighting

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Interfit Super Cool-Lite 655 Kit

These units offer a convenient yet economical method of modern studio lighting, suitable for use wit..

€866.95 Ex Tax: €704.84

Interfit 19in Flourescent Daylight Ringlight INT812 MUA

The Interfit 48 cm (19″) Fluorescent Ring Light creates a unique lighting style unattainable through..

€114.99 Ex Tax: €93.49

Interfit 28W Fluorescent Lamp INT034

Interfit 28W Fluorescent Lamp INT034 . Screw fit replacement Conitnious Daylight balanced fluorescen..

€13.11 Ex Tax: €10.66

Interfit 32w Near Daylight Lamp INT042

The 32w Fluorescent Lamp is a replacement bulb for the F5, Super Cool-Lite 6, and Super Cool-Lite 9...

€14.94 Ex Tax: €12.15

Interfit Cool Lite 5, 2 head Kit INT 117

Interfit Super Cool-lite 5 Daylight balanced Continuous fluorescent Lights -   These units ..

€403.93 Ex Tax: €328.40

Interfit F5 Three Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit INT503

Explore the endless three-point lighting possibilities in your photos and videos with the Interfit F..

€349.00 Ex Tax: €283.74

Interfit F5 Two-Head Daylight Fluorescent Lighting Kit

Special offer Introductory price - while stock last.. Create an endless array of captivating and ..

€230.00 Ex Tax: €186.99

Interfit INT036 1,000w bulb

Interfit 3200K Halogen Bulb INT036 INT036 replacement bulb 1000w (two pin) for Interfit HL1000 ..

€20.32 Ex Tax: €16.52

Interfit Nanguang 1200SA LED panel

Bright, powerful and versitile and cool running, the Nanguang CN1200SA is an off camera LED lig..

€499.00 Ex Tax: €405.69

Interfit Replacement Lamp for Monstar Light (150W) INT040

Interfit MONSTAR 3 LAMP 150W Interfit Lamp 150w for Monstar INT040 (code:101392) This replaceme..

€37.61 Ex Tax: €30.58

Interfit S1 On-Location Portable 2-Light Backpack Kit & FREE Remote

FREE TTL / HSS Remote with each kit until 30th June 2017The Interfit S1 On-Location Portable 2-Light..

€1,549.00 Ex Tax: €1,259.35

Interfit Super Coolite 455 two head "Daylight" Lighting Kit (INT293) Cool-Lite

This Twin Softbox 55Watt Lamp kit produces the equivalent of 900 watts per head of Tungsten lighting..

€439.00 Ex Tax: €356.91

Interfit 55w Daylight balanced, ES thread fit lamp / Bulb INT041 Cool-Lite Coolite

This is the Bulb as supplied in the Interfit Super Cool-Lite 455 and 655 lighting heads. It is Da..

€32.50 Ex Tax: €26.42

Interfit Super Cool-lite 9 two head kit NEW MarkII

The Cool-Lite 9 MkII kit replaces and enhances the popular Coolite 9 kit. It has a new Integrated gr..

€639.00 Ex Tax: €519.51