Tungsten Studio lights

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Elinchrom 105cm Blue Umbrella (Daylight) EL26380

Use this umbrella with tungsten lights to re-balance the light output to daylight colour temperature..

€66.00 Ex Tax: €53.66

Hedler 3006 3 head Traveller Compact Kit

HEDLER Digi C Power Kit       If you need lots of light, this kit is the one for you. It contains t..

€965.55 Ex Tax: €785.00

Hedler 3007 VIDEO QUICK KIT 1000

HEDLER Digi C Kit B       The Take-It-With-You Light This is a great single head kit, supplied in a..

€439.50 Ex Tax: €357.32

Interfit 1000w Bulb INT036

INT036 replacement bulb 1000w (two pin) for Interfit HL1000 head and also the Interfit INT189 Stel..

€20.32 Ex Tax: €16.52

Interfit EZY-FLO Lighting Kit INT151

The Ez Flo lighting kit is the ideal solution for portable lighting, for use in the home to create t..

€265.00 Ex Tax: €215.45

Interfit Replacement Lamp for Monstar Light (150W) INT040

Interfit MONSTAR 3 LAMP 150W Interfit Lamp 150w for Monstar INT040 (code:101392) This replaceme..

€37.61 Ex Tax: €30.58

Interfit Super Cool-lite 655 & 9 Bag INT487

This all in one roller bag with a grab handle holds up to 2 Super Cool-Lite 9 or 655 heads with the ..

€87.88 Ex Tax: €71.45

Interfit Super Cool-Lite 655 Kit INT219

These units offer a convenient yet economical method of modern studio lighting, suitable for use wit..

€866.95 Ex Tax: €704.84

Interfit Super Coolite 455 two head "Daylight" Lighting Kit (INT293)

This Twin Softbox 55Watt Lamp kit produces the equivalent of 900 watts per head of Tungsten lighting..

€439.00 Ex Tax: €356.91

Lastolite RayD8 c 5600 kit

RayD8 c5600 Continuous Lighting   The RayD8 c5600 kit provides an entry-level studio lighti..

€399.00 Ex Tax: €324.39

NO. 1 PHOTOFLOOD, 275W, 230v E27

P1/1 ES 240v 275w Photoflood No.1 E27 PF207E Bulb / Lamp. Suitable for tungsten lighting kits or  mo..

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Quantum QF30 Flashtube for QFT/T2

This is a standard replacement flash tube for the Quantum T2 flash head. Most current, professional ..

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Interfit 55w Daylight Balanced ES Thread Fit Bulb INT041

This is the Bulb as supplied in the Interfit Super Cool-Lite 455 and 655 lighting heads. It is Dayli..

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Interfit Lighting 2013 Brochure download

Interfit Lighting 2013 Brochure download. Click this link to download: http://www.interfitph..

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Interfit Super Cool-lite 9 Two Head kit Mark II INT221

The Cool-Lite 9 MkII kit replaces and enhances the popular Coolite 9 kit. It has a new Integrated gr..

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Lastolite 2016 / 2017 Catalogue / Brochure PDF download (9Mb)

Lastolite 2016 / 2017 Catalogue / Brochure PDF download (9Mb)   to download the Full La..

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