Hahnel Viper TTL Receiver for Nikon HN-VIP-REC-NIK

Hahnel Viper TTL Receiver for Nikon HN-VIP-REC-NIK

Hahnel’s Viper TTL Receiver, coupled with the Viper Transmitter (not included) allows users to remotely trigger their flash unit. Multiple receivers will work with a single transmitter, meaning you can trigger multiple flashes at once. The Viper TTL Receiver offers full wireless connectivity with the Hahnel MODUS 600RT Speedlight.

Key Features: Hahnel Viper TTL Receiver

  • Use additional Receivers to trigger multiple flash units
  • An unlimited number of Receivers will work with one Viper Transmitter
  • Full wireless connectivity with the MODUS 600RT Speedlight
  • Digital Channel Matching provides reliable connections
  • Easily adjust modes on a group by group
  • Compatible with original brand & some 3rd party
  • Micro USB socket for software
  • 2.5mm socket to connect to studio lights 

Connectivity Hot Shoe
For Use With Hahnel Viper TTL Transmitter and 3rd Party Flashguns
Maximum Working Distance 100
Type Wireless Receiver

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  • Brand: Hahnel
  • Product Code: HN-VIP-REC-NIK
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